Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 2 Update

Hello again from outside Warsaw,

After hearing from a variety of those involved in this conference we are beginning to see the diversity of opinions regarding the relations between the Poles and Jews. As was stated by a noted professor, they are on the road to a mutual understanding, but still have a long distance to travel. It is very interesting to listen in on this conversation...but we Americans are still trying to figure out how we can contribute to this conversation between Poland and modern day Israel. The issue of identity is still something that is troubling me and now maybe more than when I first came. The use of the vernacular of Jews and Poles as separate, segregated groups in Poland is troubling. We are looking at over 700 years of a relationship suddenly severed by the Holocaust. How could this happen? How do we repair this relationship and what language do we use in the 21st century to help us facilitate the relationship. It still seems we have a great distance to travel.

More to come.


Erik Hanson said...

Hi Rob,
Erik here. Where are you exactly? I did my Peace Corps training just outside of Warsaw.
As for your thoughts and questions, the Poles have felt that all they get is blame for what happened to the Jews in Poland. The Poles had inadequate military technology to hold off the forces. As well, they feared that they were the next in line. It is a very touchy topic.
See you when you get back to CHS. Didn't know you were heading to the land of the red and white.

Fion To said...

Hey, this is Fion here. ^^ Sorry for not checking all weekend. I have been very busy with stuff lately. But anyways, I read all your past posts to catch up with everything. I did not know that there are relationship problems between the Jews and Poles today. o.o That's very surprising. I just hope their relationship is resolved soon. It is kind of difficult to think of a way to get them close again, especially since they're kind of segregated for a long time. It is going to take a lot of thinking for me to solve this problem out. Well, I hope you post more. I really want to see what sort of things are happening over there. Plus, I hope you have a lot of fun as well, Mr. Hadley. :D

Marina said...

Hey Hadley! glad to hear your doing good! Its scary thinking there are still relationship problems with the Jewish and Pole's. Post pictures up! I want to see what it looks like over there. Today was interesting, we watched that video on the conference, although the conference was interesting, it was just hard to fallow. Talk to ya later!

Nathan (day1.per4.FF) said...

Hi Mr. Hadley,
So I was just wondering how do the Poles and the Jews talk about each other, and why do they think being segregated is best?

P.S. So I don't really like this sub, she is too strict and kinda needs to relax.

Monica D said...

Hey Hadley.
It's weird to think that the Poles and Jews still have relationship problems now. Is there one side that dislikes the other more, or do they like being seperated? It would seem hard to not talk to a whole chunck of the population just because of their race.