Sunday, October 12, 2008

We have arrived safely in Poland!

To all,

We have arrived safely in Poland after 5 flights! We are staying at a teacher training center outside Warsaw and all is well...even though we are all very tired.

I was interested to see in our trip from the airport to here that Capitalism is rapidly coming to Poland, plastered over the neglect of Soviet rule. This is a country that has its feet planted firmly in the past and present at the same time.

Our conference gets started in a few hours. I will have more to post later tonight and hope to get a few pictures up tonight as well. Trying to figure out the technology here. I am using the computer lab right now and everything is in Polish.

Take care and please feel free to post comments and questions anytime.



Em said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely! Praying for your trip...Em

Sonia Marie said...

Glad to hear things are going well and you arrived ok. Enjoy your trip.

Samantha said...

glad to hear you made it safely across the ocean and that your in poland yay. i will never make it there.

Monica Nguyen said...

do you know how to read Polish?
that's kinda cool. :)