Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visiting a School in Warsaw

On our last day we went to a school called 64 (kinda like NY city) and listened to a discussion on a Tadeusz Borowski selection. Two observations. OH MY GOD...every student did the homework....and OH MY GOD...every kid participated fully in the conversation with insightful comments and feedback!!! Ok got your work cut out for you!!!

It was incredible to listen to them and to have them speak in English to boot was nothing short of incredible. The teacher sat in her chair asking leading questions and there was NO technology of any kind in the room...sitting in desks from the 50s I was just incredible. One of the students was a foreign exchange student from Arizona! All of these students were participating in a Jewish studies program at this school (although I don't think any of them were Jewish?) We were all duly impressed and were very well received by the teachers and administrative staff.

See the pictures.

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