Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 5 in Warsaw

Hello again,

Sorry for the delay in getting this post online. I have been without internet access until getting home...I will do day by day posts all at once.

Today we went downtown to see the famous Jewish cemetery. It was stunning to see the state of disrepair it was in and also to see the historic significance of the people who are buried there. Its a treasure trove of history. We were given a tour by a prominent historian talking through a translator...and although that is always tough to stay focused on what he was was an incredible experience. I was just shocked to see how unkept the cemetery was. There is a very small Jewish community in Warsaw and its impossible for them to do the maintenance alone. Outside help is certainly needed. See the pictures attached here.

After that we went to the Umsclagplatz where the Jews were boarded onto trains bound for Treblinka. This is the famous scene in The Pianist where they sat around as a family sharing the caramel.

Next we went to see the Ghetto fighters memorial. It was inspiring to see the memorial. All in all it was an inspiring day and a fitting way to end out experience in Warsaw.

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